Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everything Changes, Everywhere and All the Time (it always has and always will)

Space Matters, curated by Jean Matthee

April 2011 Tate Modern.
Per Hüttner and Fatos Üstek have been collaborating on a series of interventions at museums across Europe exploring notions of change, and temporality and how smell, taste, touch and sounds can play a more active role in the museum.

Posing questions by constructing situations Hüttner and Üstek trigger expansion of how we encounter reality. They interrogate outdated ideas about knowledge that are encapsulated in places of exhibiting significance and value, but also introduce a playful entry to moments of engagement that question basic Cartesian concepts. Our conception of familiar spaces will therefor change through minute changes in the conditions for something as mundane as a gallery tour.
Hüttner and Üstek will guide a group of students around the museum and revisit a series of artworks. The premise of the visit is to try and ‘refresh’ the work and to see how the artwork allowed their original audiences’ to see their reality differently. Hüttner will use smell, touch, hearing and taste to re-introduce seminal work to the group. Üstek will re-contextualize the work on display by look at the temporality of the work.


Tesla Museum


Realised at Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade

26 March, 2011

Per Hüttner and Fatos Üstek realizes a situation specific to Ouunpo group and the unexpected passer-bys at Tesla Museum, investigating beyond the visual, other sensory receptions and speculating on Nikola Tesla’s intriguing scientific and personal endeavours.

(Photos by Elena Nemkova)